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Passionate about helping small business owners succeed and providing end-to-end accounting and bookkeeping services, Cope Accountants is the right choice for you. 


Our Story & Founder

Paula is the founder and owner of Cope Accountants and Business Advisors. Founding the company in 2011, Paula launched Cope Accounting after finishing her Master of Accounting.

Originally from Brazil, Paula came to Australia in 2006 but quickly realized how difficult it was to secure a job in her chosen field. Quickly thereafter, she saw an opportunity to start her own business. She started her own business understanding how Brazilians in Brisbane were underserved, with few to no accountants offering services in Portuguese.

Paula’s love for what she does, her passion for numbers, and excitement over facing and overcoming challenges every single day made Accounting a natural fit. Additionally, she is dedicated to helping her clients grow their businesses and solve their accounting problems.

From helping Sole Traders evolve into making more than $10 million per year, to filing taxes for individuals, Paula is incredibly passionate about helping you achieve your goals.

You can be confident, that she has the best interest of each of her clients at heart when you choose her team.

Our Services

Focusing on our Brazilian and South American communities, we proudly offer services in both English and Portuguese. We believe firmly that our combination of qualifications and understanding of Australian law and rules and our bilingual abilities enables us to facilitate our client’s needs. Overcome the challenges of understanding the law and obligations that must be fulfilled, with help from our experts.

With extensive knowledge, professionalism, and affordable price points we are the ideal caretakers of your accounting needs. Whether you’re in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast, we are happy to help.

Values That Guide Us

  • Integrity

Being there for you and your business is our number one focus. Our integrity guides our business and makes us a reliable choice for all your tax and business accounting needs.

  • Trust

Knowledgeable and skilled, you can trust our team of accountants to provide you with the best accounting services and business advice possible.

  • Teamwork

Collaboration among our team is critical for us to provide you with the quality of service you need. We put teamwork at the forefront of all that we do to bring you the best services possible.

  • Efficiency

Reducing your downtime and increasing your business’ efficiency lays the groundwork for an ever-evolving business. We place a strong emphasis on efficiency in all that we do.

  • Consistency and Determination

No matter what service you need, you can be confident we approach each service with the same determination and consistency as the previous.

  • Responsibility

We view your business as our own. That’s why we go out of our way to educate ourselves and ensure that you are maximizing every tax rule and reducing costs wherever possible.

Choose Accountants You Can Trust

Exceptional customer service is the ultimate goal for all that we do. We understand how crucial it is to partner with accountants who are reliable, innovative, and capable of helping you scale your business.  At Cope Accountants, we are always on the hunt to learn and improve our knowledge. Being the best at what we do is non-negotiable for us.

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