Georgea de Sousa


Georgea de Sousa

Georgea has a Bachelor of Accounting with approximately 10 years of experience across the finance industry as a Senior Account Manager in Brazil.  She has provided services to companies in a range of sectors including textiles, industrial manufacturing, and transport and logistics, as well as tailored solutions for individual clients.  Georgea has a passion for numbers and is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses reduce their costs and make well-informed decisions to maximise their returns.

Fascinated by its natural beauty and cultural diversity, she moved to Australia in 2017 to further her English studies and explore many of the amazing places that this country has to offer. 

As a recent addition to the Cope Accountants team, Georgea greatly welcomes the opportunity to be a part of an inspiring workplace that is committed to enabling South American communities succeed and grow their businesses in Australia.

In her free time, she loves travelling, enjoys running, and is an avid photographer.