Paula Almeida

Mari Vieira


I have a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and I have studied and worked for over 9 years in Brazil. I came to Australia to learn English and after 1 year studying, with more confidence in communication, I have started looking for this dreamed professional realization.

Cope caught my attention because it is a family business, with a Brazilian culture and with a broad level of knowledge in taxation, accounting and businesses.

I have had an opportunity to start an internship and I was very well welcomed by all the team, who assisted me in the learning, communication and courses necessary to improve my knowledge in accounting.

I got promoted as an Assistant Accountant by Cope Accountants and I realized that I have been learning something new every day and I have the opportunity to work with people who are extremely committed to a high level of competence. Also, I feel that I am recognized for the work I do and that they are always helping me to make a difference and achieve my long-term career aspirations.